The current schedule of all PET courses (click a link for detailed course info and sort the table according to your preference)

coursestartendlocationextra info
General Toxicology (m)01/01/2000any time, web-based or by DVD
Organ Toxicology (m)15/01/201819/01/2018 Nijmegenevery 2 years
Ecotoxicology (m)14/01/201925/01/2019Amsterdam/Wageningenevery 2 years
Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis (o)11/02/201915/02/2019Leidenevery 2 years
Toxicogenomics (o)18/02/201922/02/2019Maastrichtevery 2 years
Reproductive Toxicology (o)29/10/201802/11/2018Utrechtevery 2 years
Cell Toxicology (m)09/04/201813/04/2018Leidenyearly (2018 fully booked)
Occupational Toxicology (o)28/05/201808/06/2018Nijmegen/Dortmundevery 2 years
Risk Communication (o)----Utrechtinquire
Molecular Toxicology (m)02/07/201806/07/2018Amsterdamyearly
Immunotoxicology (o)25/06/201828/06/2018Utrechtevery 2 years
Epidemiology (m)03/09/201807/09/2018Utrechtevery 2 years (provisional planning)
Food Toxicology (o)02/09/201906/09/2019Wageningenevery 2 years
Pathobiology (m)8/10/201812/10/2018Utrechtyearly
Risk Assessment (m)22/10/201826/10/2018Wageningenyearly
Medical and Forensic Toxicology (o)12/11/201820/11/2018Utrechtyearly
Legal and Regulatory Toxicology (o)28/11/201830/11/2018Bilthoven (RIVM)every 2 years
Laboratory Animal Science (m)25/11/201929/11/2019Utrechtevery 2 years
(m) = mandatory and (o) = optional course for registration as a professional expert in toxicology by the Netherlands Society of Toxicology (NVT).

Please note that this schedule is updated regularly.
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Last updated: 30-Jan-18