Aim of the course
Aim of this module is to learn the basic principles of epidemiology and to understand the epidemiological line of reasoning. This course will help the participants to better understand epidemiological publications and the strengths and weaknesses of epidemiological research.

Content of the course
The course consists of interactive class sessions in which the basic principles of epidemiology will be taught. After the initial introductory sessions special sessions on specific topics are taught like pharmaco- and molecular epidemiology. In addition to the class sessions there will be group and individual assignments in which epidemiological papers are evaluated and simple epidemiological analyses are performed.

Outcomes (competences, skills)
After successful completion of the course the participant should:

  • understand the basic terms in epidemiological research and is able to differentiate between different study designs and recognises their weaknesses and strengths;
  • be familiar with different epidemiological working areas and understand the specific issues that might surround epidemiological studies in these working areas;
  • be able to read epidemiological papers and to identify weak and strongpoints in these papers;
  • understand how epidemiological study results can be summarized and how the data can be used in risk assessment.

Coordinator: Prof.dr. M.B.M. van Duursen
Duration: 1 week
ECTS credits: 1.5
Fee:          see tuition fees (includes reduced fees for PhD students)
Location: VU university Amsterdam
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Last updated: 13-Feb-20