Aim of the course
The aim of the course is twofold. Firstly, it offers participants who seek vocational training but lack formal undergraduate training in toxicology the opportunity to obtain extensive, basic theoretical knowledge and insights in this field. Secondly, this module can serve as a refresher course for PhD students and others who intend to take some of the other PET programme modules.
Note: This introductory course ensures that PET students will have a similar basic knowledge of and insights in toxicology. This basis is necessary to successfully complete the other, more specialized modules of the PET programme. Therefore, we reserve the right to uphold registration for courses in cases where the general toxicology knowledge is not present, e.g., because it is not part of a candidate’s master programme, and the General Toxicology course is not finalised yet.

Content of the course
The course consists of over twenty lectures on various subjects, given by experts in those subjects. We recommend to use the DVD in combination with a Textbook on General Toxicology, e.g.: Casarett and Doull’s Essentials of Toxicology. C.D. Klaassen and J.B. Watkins III, Eds. 2nd Edition, 2010. MCGraw-Hill, New York. ISBN-13: 978-0-07-162240-0. The course is only offered by a DVD for self-study.
List of subjects
– Introduction
– Human exposure through the environment
– Qualitative and quantitative kinetics
– Biotransformation
– Dose-Response
– Cytotoxicity
– Genetic toxicology
– Chemical carcinogenesis studies with genetically modified mice
– Liver toxicity
– Inhalation toxicology
– Neurotoxicology
– Toxicology of intestine
– Toxicology of the heart and blood vessels
– Disruption of the endocrine system
– Immunotoxicity
– Reproductive toxicology
– Dermal toxicology I and II
– Toxicity test I and II
– Toxicology of chemical mixtures
– Hematotoxicity
– Animal toxins

Outcomes (competences, skills)
On successful completion of the module, participants should:
• have acquired basic knowledge and understanding of the general principles of toxicology
• have acquired basic insight in the application of toxicology in hazard and risk assessment

Dr. G.M. Alink, Prof.dr. A. Bast, Prof.dr. M. van den Berg, Prof.dr. B.J. Blaauboer, Dr. P.J.A. Borm, Dr. M.B. van Duursen, J. Groten, Dr. T. Jager, Dr. S. Kezic, Dr. S. Kezic, Dr. C.A.M. Krul, H. van Loveren, Dr. M.J.M. Nivard, Prof.dr. A. Piersma, Mrs. I.M.C.M. Rietjens, Dr. D. de Roode, Dr. H. van de Sandt, Dr. H. van Steeg, Dr. H. Vijverberg, Dr. M. Wenker

Participants will be examined after appointment with the coordinator. The examination will consist of ten open questions formulated by the lecturers and will preferably take place in Wageningen or Utrecht.

Dr. Henk Vijverberg
Duration: self-study
ECTS credits: 3
Number of participants: n.a., individual course
Period:     any time, lectures by DVD (examination in Utrecht or Wageningen after appointment with the coordinator)
Fee:          see tuition fees (includes reduced fees for PhD students)
Location: n.a.

For registration please proceed to the PET application form and for questions please contact the PET Office

Last updated: 26-Jan-16