Aim of the course
The Pathobiology/Toxicological Pathology course concentrates on the fundamental aspects of disease by integrating biochemical, cell biological and immunological knowledge of disease mechanisms on the levels of cells and tissues. On this basis the toxicological pathology discipline and its role in the risk assessment process of xenobiotics will be introduced.

Content of the course
The fundamental processes of disease relate traditionally to the subjects degeneration and cell pathology, inflammation, circulation disturbances and tumour development. These subjects will be treated in a series of lectures and will be illustrated in practical exercises in which microscopic slides of affected tissues and organs will be studied and discussed.  Special attention will be given to mechanisms underlying pathological processes in which toxic compounds have played a role as pathogenic factors.

Outcomes (competences, skills)
After finishing this course, participants should have a better understanding of:

  • the principal aspects of the cellular pathology, inflammatory reactions, hypersensitivity, circulatory problems en neoplasia;
  • the general procedures used in clinical/diagnostic and toxicological pathology (and the application of these techniques/approaches);
  • the ethical aspects of working with materials/tissues obtained either form animal or human patients;
  • the macroscopic as well as of the microscopic histomorphological aspects of several pathological processes.

Dr. M.M.H. Huibers (Dept. Pathology, UMC Utrecht, coordinator)
Dr. R.A. de Weger (UMC Utrecht)
Dr. R.A. Woutersen (TNO)
Dr. C.F. Kuper (TNO)
Prof.dr. A. Gröne (Fac. Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University)

At the end of the course the participants will be asked to give an oral presentation with discussion of a subject relevant to the contents of the course. The topic chosen is the risk assessment of formaldehyde and/or propylene oxide.
As a ‘finishing touch’, the participants will have to fill out a number of (selfstudy) questions which have to be handed in within 14 days after ending the course.

Coordinator: Ms.dr. M.M.H. Huibers
Duration: 1 week
ECTS credits: 1.5
Fee:          see tuition fees (includes reduced fees for PhD students)
Location: Dept. Pathology, UMC Utrecht
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Last updated: 28-Feb-19