Aim of the course
At the end of the course Pathobiology & Toxicological Pathology, the participants will have a basic understanding of general and toxicological pathology and will have acquired sufficient knowledge to understand and interpret pathological data in papers and reports.

Content of the course
During the course, the fundamental processes of tissue degeneration, cell pathology, inflammation, circulation disturbances and tumor development will be addressed in a series of lectures and practical sessions. Special attention will be given to the underlying mechanisms of pathology, induced by xenobiotics.

Outcomes (competences, skills)
After finishing this course, the participants will have a basic understanding of:

  • The anatomy and histology of certain animal species.
  • The principal aspects of tissue degeneration, cellular pathology, inflammatory reactions, circulatory problems and neoplasia.
  • The macroscopic and microscopic aspects of several pathological processes.
  • The general procedures used in clinical/diagnostic and toxicological pathology.

Dr. A.L. Menke (PhD, Pathologist, Toxicologist), Dept. of Metabolic Health Research, TNO Leiden, Coordinator
Prof. Dr. D. Salvatori (DVM, PHD, Pathologist), Dept. of Comparative Anatomy & Physiology, Veterinary Medicin, Utrecht University
Dr. M. Ploeg (DVM, PhD, Pathologist), IDEXX Laboratories Limited, Hoofddorp
E. Pieterman (BSc), Dept. of Metabolic Health Research, TNO Leiden
Dr. M. Wijnands (DVM, PhD, Pathologist), Charles River Laboratories, Den Bosch
Prof. Dr. A. de Bruin (DVM, PhD, Pathologist),  Dept. of Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicin, Utrecht University
Prof. Dr. A. Gröne (DVM, PhD, Pathologist), Dept. Of Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicin, Utrecht University.
Dr. S. Maes (DVM, PhD, Pathologist), IDEXX Laboratories Limited, Hoofddorp

The students will participate in a workshop addressing the toxicity of a present-day xenobiotic and will be asked to give a presentation on the subject. In addition, the participants will have to pass a written examination (self study) that has to be handed in 14 days after the final course day.

Coordinator: Dr. A.L. Menke
Duration: 1 week
ECTS credits: 1.5
Fee:          see tuition fees (includes reduced fees for PhD students)
Location: Dept. Pathology, UMC Utrecht
For general inquiries please contact the PET Office.

To apply please proceed to course registration and for questions please contact the PET Office.

Last updated: 13-Feb-20